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Net4 offers a wide range of communication services that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service―and ultimately competitiveness of enterprises of all sizes.

Vlite Business Email

The Bizmail vElite Virtual Appliance is a complete turn-key Web mail and Mail-server solution, a high-performance system that provides rapid deployment, and unprecedented ease-of-administration. Bizmail vElite provides an complete solution of outsourced email management allowing organizations to stream line their mailing services.

The Bizmail vElite Virtual appliance delivers a complete isolated software solution, and allows every organization to streamline Web-mail and email-server deployments. Using the inbuilt Web-admin panel administrators can simplify system maintenance - Users can access the comprehensive Web-mail interface of Bizmail vElite via any standard browser, and use existing POP3/IMAP clients to communicate with the server. Spam and Virus messages are filtered through the system, and offer users a comprehensive defence against unwanted messages. With our robust co-location infrastructure (data center) availability across major cities in India backed with our expertise in email management makes Bizmail vElite the perfect mailing solution for any corporate.

Advantages & Benefits

  • This complete hardware and software solution enables organizations to easily implement the Bizmail vElite Virtual appliance software on any cloud, dramatically cutting the costs of high-availability and mission critical mail server deployments. – Cloud infrastructure Maanged by Net4.
  • The Bizmail vElite Appliance is powered by the 64-bit Linux Centos OS. A custom build is specifically designed and optimized for the Bizmail vElite Appliance. The complete OS and Bizmail vElite software are pre-installed on the server for ease-of-administration – Software Managed By Net4
  • Manage the entire mail-server solution via the web based administration page. The Web Admin provides a complete set of server-management tools for adding user accounts, modifying mail server settings and user logs, and reporting statistics. – No Linux Knowledge Required.

Vlite Message Service Features

Feature List Remarks
Server on which mail server is hosted VPS
Help Desk
via Ticketing over HTTP On Net 4 web site
via Email 24 x 7. Plus direct Phone line to Tech Support
Email Security
Anti-spam Hosted Anti-spam protection at additional cost.
Antivirus Using Mail server Class AV
MIS Reports Server uptime and Mail statistics. Client can ask for more reports if needed
Mail Services
POP Available
POP over SSL Add-On Service
SMTP Available
SMTP over SSL Add-On Service
POP Retrieval (downloading mails from 3rd party mail server) Available
IMAP Available
IMAP over SSL Add-On Service
Webmail Available
Webmail over HTTPS Add-On Service
Web Mail
Drag & drop messages into folders Available
Auto-complete for addressing Available
Keyboard shortcuts Available
Load on demand AJAX tree view on left hand pane Available
Right click items for actions (e.g. re-name, mark as unread) Available as check and mark option
Summary page outlining mailbox status Available
Task lists Available
Bottom and right side preview mode Available
Download source of message View Source
Read receipts Available
Contact groups Available
Edit contact directory details from within webmail Details of individual contacts can be edited.
Configure webmail layout per domain Available
Configure webmail skin per domain Available
Save message as draft Available
Import contacts from Outlook and Outlook Express Through CSV and Excel file.
Configure personal filters Available
Change passwords Available
Global Address Book Available
Sub folders Available
Personal calendar Available
Personal tasks Available
New message notification Available
Quota usage display Available
Compose/view messages in separate windows Available
Skins and re-branding Available
Personal contacts Available
View HTML e-mails Available
Compose HTML e-mail messages Available
Auto signature Available
Mailbox redirection Available
Print messages Available
View message headers Available
Spell-checker (multi-lingual) Available
Search by subject, content and sender Available
Mail Client
LDAP Lookup Available
Folder Sync via IMAP Available
Message Filtering Service
Message filtering per mailbox Available
Configure global message filters Available
Bayesian anti-spam filtering Available
SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Available. On Anti-Spam level
URL Blacklisting Available
IP address white-listing White-listing on Domain level
Reverse DNS blacklisting Available. On Anti-Spam level
Require PTR DNS record for unauthenticated inbound connections Available
Store configuration in MySQL Available
Clustering Custom Setup. Charges additional.
Security and Authentication
SSL for POP, SMTP and IMAP Add-On Service
CRAM-MD5 authentication for POP, SMTP and IMAP Available
POP before SMTP authentication Through SMTP Auth
Configure service availability per mailbox Available
Configure service availability per post-office Available
Restrict message throughput per mailbox Available
Restrict message throughput per post-office Available
Server Root Administration By Net 4 Only
Scheduled message purging Available
Quota warning notifications Available
SMTP forwarding Available
Sender domain validation Available
Internal and external IP validation Available
Domain level smart hosting Available
Message size restriction customizable at domain level Available
Domain literals Available
Restrict the number of recipients per inbound message Available
Automatically ban IP addresses after too many failures Customization.
Mask IP addresses in e-mail headers Available
Validate domain MX records on inbound connection Available
Restrict the maximum number of inbound connections Available
Restrict the maximum number of outbound connections Available
Mark inbound catch-all messages with a custom header Available
Configure outbound failed message retry schedule Available
Enable/disable non-delivery receipts Available
Enable/disable delivery delay notifications Available
Block local addresses Available
Post-office Level Features
Restrict message throughput per post office Available
Groups Available
Quota management Available
Mailbox Level Features
Mailbox spam rules/filtering Available
Mailbox redirection (configure via webmail) Available
Auto-responder for mailboxes Available
Web Administration
Manage multiple post-offices via web administration Available
Search for matching post-offices, domains, mailboxes, etc Available
Manage mailboxes Available
Manage domains Available
Manage lists Available
Manage groups Available
Web administration skins Available
  • Apollo Wipro HCL ICICI Bank Reliance
  • Sify news NDTV Punjab National Bank Indian Navy
  • World Health Organization India Today RANBAXY